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Platonic Love Stories

Sharing our affection for the people who make life worth living.

These platonic love stories aren’t about the girl you’ve known since high school and always had a secret crush on, or the guy at the video store your partner doesn’t notice you checking out. They’re about the folks who laugh at the same dumb jokes you do, have been there for you through thick and thin, and are still friends with you despite your seventh grade yearbook photo. Enjoy, and happy Valentine’s Day to you and anyone you (friend) love.

Published February 9, 2010

Intro & Design by Laura Brunow Miner

Colorado Companions

Colorado Companions

Max has always been the Neal Cassady to my Kerouac. So I forgave him that one time when he called me his Joe Biden.

Photographer: Vincent Galgano

I am a teacher and filmmaker living in New York. I was born in Oklahoma City while my father worked in the Texas oil fields and I grew up mostly in Colorado.

Heights of Friendship

Heights of Friendship

Going to different colleges hasn’t kept he and I from staying in touch, and in fact we still team up for big trips from time to time. This photo, taken on a mile-long zip line in Costa Rica, sums up our friendship: Constantly going in different directions, only to be reunited on another platform later on.

Photographer: Hayley Boyle

Hayley is a student at La Salle University in Philly. She’s learning the world person by person and place by place. She might not be able to save the world, but she’ll die trying.



When Jacqui and I took a road trip from Raleigh to Orlando, my buddies all insisted that something must be happening between us. I even overheard my grandpa’s wife, Liz, saying “He’s 33 and not married. Is he lying about being just friends with that girl, or is he queer?” Well the answer to both questions, answered on this bench in Savannah, is…

Photographer: Nate Bolt

Nate Bolt is the president of Bolt | Peters, a research and design firm in San Francisco.

Dear @Pictory:

Friends for 1/2 our lives already, Val will travel around the world for me, accept me completely, and keep me in check. Love her.

In Bruges

In Bruges

I never had close friendships with other men until I met Dan in college. That was 16 years ago and since then we’ve shared our families, our lives, and our adventures with each other. We’ve traveled to Mexico, Paris, Amsterdam, and Belgium (pictured) together.

Photographer: Devon Adams

Devon Christopher Adams is an educator in Arizona who’s become more and more obsessed with photography.

Lift Off

Lift Off

“Excellent jumper” might seem like a strange requirement for a best friend, but you haven’t met Jordan. The energy he brings to everything he does is magnetic.

Photographer: Lisa Weatherbee

I’m a New York-based photographer with a particular interest in editorial/documentary work. i strive to make my photographs feel the way the heart remembers them.

Sing It

Sing It

One day I will write a song for Giulliano. It will tell of how easy it is to be his best friend. The quiet build-up will be about the times when we talk about feelings and the future; when we make elaborate plans and ramble about absurd projects we sometimes execute and sometimes don’t. In the middle, I’ll recount our adventures with silly rhymes. That time we walked on top of the bridge, when we had all-you-can-eat ribs (pictured), and how we spray painted my face onto buildings (and later onto friends). There will be praise of his talent as an artist and his remarkable jaw that makes for so many good pictures. It will end with a loud, passionate outro when I tell him I miss him and want to fall asleep on his couch watching Cobra again soon.

Photographer: Rico Moran

I’m Rico, a photographer and assistant in Toronto, from Edmonton. It was hard to choose just one friend to write a story about, but easy to get sappy about them when they’re 3500 km away.

Young Folks

Young Folks

Jimi reminds me that being a kid again is necessary, and that life is beautiful. He reminds me I’m alive. He’s just about one of my favorite people on earth.

Photographer: Stephanie Thompson

I live in Los Angeles. I work in the corporate world by day and live in the creative world by night. I’m a freelance photographer and free-spirited artist.

Dear @Pictory:

Blind understanding, enjoying the silent moments in a phone-call. This smile on my face I simply can not avert. This is her.

Earth Mother

Earth Mother

This is my dearest friend Marisol, aka MamaSol. Her nickname could not be more appropriate because she radiates a nurturing energy. She has a quiet grace I can’t get enough of because I always know she is listening, looking, and loving.

Photographer: Vanessa Rodriguez

My name is Vanessa Rodriguez. I am a former teacher and current student of photography, living and playing in New York City. I love my life, the people in it, and the ones I don’t know yet. I believe we are all interconnected and the more people I love the more love I get back.

Dear @Pictory:

@snowy_mohegan w/out you, who’d bring the heater? the sequins? the boas? me + you = fun & love, pal.



Once you wrote me: “Promise you won’t forget me, because if I thought you would, I’d never leave.” (from Winnie the Pooh) I never did. And I never would, even though we live on different continents now. Whenever our next meeting comes, I will teach you to ride a bike and you will teach me one more Chinese character.

Photographer: Adomas Lapinskas

I am an anthropologist, traveler, and photographer currently exploring Indonesia.

All Grown Up

All Grown Up

Dylan is my best friend’s little brother and feels like mine, too. I was visiting him in San Francisco recently and realized that our little tag-along has matured into an amazing man.

Photographer: Garret Clarke

I live in Taiwan. I study Chinese and teach English. I live here so I can take pictures in Asia.

No One’s Perfect

No One’s Perfect

Dave is a beautiful person and a dear friend. He only has one vice, eating children.

Photographer: Robert Norbury

I take pictures and try to sell them.



Her laugh will make you fall in love.

Photographer: Naima Green

I’m a student and artist in New York.



Nothing better than making Vic laugh … nothing! I miss him so much it hurts.

Note: Photo was taken by Mark Davidson

Photographer: John Mahon

I am a dad to three survivors, husband to Diane, an executive producer at KGTV ABC, the author of Starving Jesus, and a resident of Carlsbad, California.



One day, years ago, I told you I was considering transferring colleges. You reflexively replied “Don’t!” and made a face that broke my heart a little. Thanks for being the reason I stayed at school. It’s always comforting to know that someone is afraid to lose you. Everyone should have that person.

Photographer: Bimbim Tancio

On my sixth year in college but not giving up. I wish I had a photo for every happy moment in my life.

Julie and the Joshua Trees

Julie and the Joshua Trees

After getting through a difficult stage in my life, I began an annual ritual of greeting the New Year out in the silence of the desert. One cold December I was about to head out alone when my dear friend Julie, who had never been camping before, asked to come with me. We had time to talk about anything and everything — but what I appreciated most was that we could be quiet together and just be.

Photographer: Sue Hudelson

I’m a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles. In addition to my portrait business I also love to continually add to my personal projects: images of trees, profiles, and a list of other ideas in my head that just haven’t made it out yet — out of my head and into my camera. Even though I use digital for work, I still love the quality of a real print from real film.



My dearest friend lives 70 miles away, but I make the trip at least once a week. Why? Because, if you had someone who was willing to stay out past her curfew to listen to you cry about your latest heartbreak, who would randomly text you to ask if you want food brought to you, who prayed for your well-being, who shelled out good money to go see bad shows with you, and who whole-heartedly cared for you, well, you’d be just as inclined as I am to make those drives.

Photographer: Han Phan

I am a photographer, biologist, idealist, and carnivore. I want to live before I die.

Dear @Pictory:

Wrote to my friend today about how I remembered her coming to the hospital when I was very ill, and brushing my hair.

Labor of Love

Labor of Love

We were long distance friends and maybe didn’t talk everyday, but maintained a great relationship from a couple hours apart. Then that day with her husband on one side and me on the other, I couldn’t have felt closer to her. I was so thankful to be there experiencing and documenting the birth of her first child with her.

Photographer: Lauren Randolph

I am a photographer in Los Angeles, and I carry my camera everywhere.

Park Pals

Park Pals

As an expat, I didn’t really have any friends, family, or support system around when I had my first child. After a few months of being a terribly lonely new mother, this woman recognized me from a single prenatal class we’d both attended. Our girls, who are almost the same age, became best friends and so did we. When I think about it, I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Photographer: Hilda Saffari

I’m a film editor and freelance photographer living in London.

Like Family

Like Family

Krista have been friends since we were babies. Our families have managed to stay in touch through moves across states, and every year we get together for Easter. (These photos were taken at Easters 12 years apart, though we’ve been friends for 18 years.) Despite the distance, Krista and I are practically family; she’s my best friend and I know I can always trust her to take me as I am, flaws and all.

Photographer: Kerry Bush

I’m a college student currently studying art in Bluffton, Ohio. My camera goes everywhere I do.

Dear @Pictory:

They make life just … work. When I sometimes forget how to do that on my own.



I volunteer Saturdays at a local primary school. The girl in the picture is Sameera, one of the shiest kids of my second grade class. She hails from a family that is as poor as it is big. Over the Saturday afternoon sessions of Math and English, Sameera and I have become close friends. She doesn’t speak much, she is not mischievous, and unlike most kids her age, she is mature and understanding. In the truest sense, Sameera is my teacher, and not the other way round.

Photographer: Miss Annie

I was born and brought up in Mumbai, the city of blinding lights and insomniac streets. I am a 22-year-old software developer by degree, marketing executive by job profile, and photographer/writer by passion.

Crossing that Bridge

Crossing that Bridge

He was a fireman/paramedic. I was a project director. Seeing unmet needs in our community for senior citizens, we put our heads together and created a lifesaving program that went statewide. Through it all, an endearing friendship developed that over the years has gotten us through the dark times and the joys of life. I shot this portrait of him shortly after he retired, when he had stopped to reflect on an accident he had been called to on that very bridge. He turned to me and said “You just never let it all go.” For these men and women, saving lives isn’t a job, it’s a purpose.

Photographer: Brenda Thomson

Brenda Thomson is a humor writer and serious photographer living in Oklahoma City.

Opposites Attract

Opposites Attract

It’s amazing how different Angelle and I are. She’s an intensely religious, extremely conservative, family-oriented, relationship-loving person who studies business, and I’m a flaming liberal, reluctantly spiritual person who runs away from romantic relationships, doesn’t tell her parents anything, and enjoys taking classes that make her pissed off at society. Despite our differences, Angelle continues to be the person that can ground me like no other, remind me who I am whenever I feel lost, and take the stress out of my world.

Photographer: Emily Turner

Student and amateur photographer in New York City by way of Louisiana.



Though we only talk every now and again, I still consider her a close friend. We used to hang out and talk about life, love, God, photography, and silly things. I still pray for her often.

Photographer: Aaron Delani

I am a dream traveler in California.

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