Heading to SXSW Interactive!

Pictory is taking a break for a week as I head to SXSW Interactive for a reload of ideas and energy. You may hear that this fast-growing festival isn’t what it used to be, but that’s only true if you act like it is.

Last year I arrived at the festival with a concept for a community-created take on the Big Picture and slowly got up the confidence to share my idea with some friends. Both Tom Watson and Jeff Croft (who I later brought on to develop the code for Pictory) emphatically told me to GO FOR IT! I slowly got comfortable talking to more people (even the “internet famous” and the Big Picture’s Alan Taylor himself) about my budding idea, and left the conference with a notebook full of scrawls and an intention to get started right away.

I can’t wait to see who I meet and what I learn this year, and how it effects the next stages of Pictory. So be patient with my absence and the one-week delay on the next showcase — and while I’m gone, get outside and then submit your own travel photos to Spring Break Stories! (Submit deadline: March 17, Showcase: March 24)

Laura Brunow Miner, founder/editor/designer