Check out our collaboration with Good Magazine.

On the first day of my last job (at JPG Magazine), my creative director handed me a magazine. It was Good, and he gave it to me as an example of publication craft and design. Hard to believe that was almost three years ago. Each issue still feels fresh, and innovative, and brand new.

I’m excited to launch a theme in collaboration with Good today. It’s the first of many partnerships to come, and I can’t wait to see the showcase that results from working with their award-winning design and editorial team.

If you’re new to Pictory, check out one of our recent showcases to get a feel for what it is we do here: You submit a captioned photo to one of our themes, and then we curate the best work into polished showcases.

Here’s the latest theme:

Neighborhood Treasure (with Good Magazine)

What’s the best thing in your neighborhood (outside your home)? Is it the park bench with an amazing view, the house that’s ridiculously decorated for every holiday, or maybe a community space like a park or school? Include a photograph and a description that conveys the culture of the spot and of your neighborhood. BONUS: This theme is a collaboration with Good Magazine and they’ll be guest editing and guest designing — plus, their editors may invite you to include your photo in their next issue or a Picture Show. (Tip: They’re particularly looking for images of interesting storefronts photographed from front and center.)

Submit by February 24, 2010! The showcase will run on March 3, 2010.