Counting Down to Virb Phoot Camp!

Phoot Camp. A little over a year ago I was scribbling the words on to a piece of paper over lunch with Photojojo friends Amit Gupta and Jen Giese (fun friends to have in the neighborhood if you have a lot of hair brained photo ideas).

A month after that I managed to press send on a crazy email to 80 photographers, most of whom I’d never met in person, hoping that some of them would choose to fly to California and head out into the woods with me and a bunch of strangers. And then hitting refresh on the spreadsheet wondering if anyone would possibly say yes.

After what seemed like an eternity (less than an hour), Dan Busta sent the first response. Rather than “yes” or “no” he wrote “NEED”. Phew. One by one the spreadsheet filled in. When Kevin “lomokev” Meredith and Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek bought flights from Europe, I knew this would have the momentum it needed to come together. In the end, 20 people committed to attend.

October 9, the morning before the first Phoot Camp started, I threw the last of my supplies into the car and set off for China Camp State Park in Marin. And yelled, at the top of my lungs, with the windows down (oops) to blow off some of the anxiety of what I was getting myself into. Would one of these people murder us all in the woods? Would the park ranger kick us out? Would we all be homeless for the weekend?

In the end, everything went perfectly.

But I still wouldn’t have believed that this year I would have an awesome sponsor (yay Virb!), real digs (an amazing estate in LA complete with tennis court and pool), 10 new photo friends (picked from a talented pool of enthusiastic applicants), and nearly all the gang returning from last year.

Virb Phoot Camp 2010 is tomorrow. Deep breaths. Holy crap. Let’s do this.