Read about the next showcase, and schedule going forward.

Hello, Pictory viewers!

I can’t wait to show you the next showcase, Portrait of a Place: San Francisco, which will be released this Wednesday, December 16. The submissions were fantastic, Sarah Rich of Dwell Magazine helped me edit, and Naz Hamid of Weightshift did the guest design — all in all, it’s looking great.

After the holidays you can expect a regular schedule for new themes and showcases, as follows:

  • January 6 - Showcase published, My Most Meaningful Image (note, I moved the submit date to December 23)
  • January 13 - New theme opens, The House I Grew Up In closes
  • January 20 - Showcase published, The House I Grew Up In
  • January 27 - New theme opens, Local Delicacy closes

… and so on. You can keep track of this through our new RSS feed, the Pictory twitter account, our newsletter, or the site itself.

Happy Holidays, and don’t forget to photograph the House You Grew Up In while you’re home! (And a Local Delicacy?)

—Laura Brunow Miner