Welcome to Pictory!

I love photography. Few things make me happier than a beautiful image—online or in print. That said, I’ve become a little complacent about some photos. The Internet is brimming with eye candy, but the vast majority of these images have lost their original context. Photo credits are rare and captions usually garbled, so I find myself often wondering: Who made this? What does it mean? The forces of the Internet can sometimes turn good work into confusing shrapnel.

I hope to do the opposite with Pictory. I want to collect images and stories directly from their sources: the people who create them. And then I want to make the best work that much better by editing, proofing, and compiling submissions into glossy online showcases. Big images. Careful details. Practical design. Credit and context.

Maybe it’s a new model for online magazines. Or, maybe it’s just the best I can do from my living room.

In any case, it’s a humble start, and it needs you. Enjoy the features, share Pictory with your friends, submit to the themes, and don’t be afraid to tell me what you think the site needs.

—Laura Brunow Miner, Editor/Designer/Founder