Hi. I’m Laura Brunow Miner.

Pictory is a solo project and labor of love I started working on in spring of 2009, shortly after the demise of community-created photography magazine JPG (where I had been editor-in-chief, and before that, design director). I love magazines for their potential to entertain the reader in a large, luscious format; but photography, community, and the creative power of the internet all mean significantly more to me than the print publication world. At JPG, I brought the web to print, and with Pictory I hope to bring the some of best aspects of print publication to the web.

I owe a debt of inspiration to the Boston Globe’s Big Picture blog, where editor Alan Taylor taught us the true potential that online images have to move, affect, and educate us; and to Ira Glass and the staff of This American Life for the heart and care they put into their editorial.

Feel free to contact me at laura (at) I can’t promise to write back to every message, but I’ll do my best!