Why should I submit my captioned photo to Pictory?

Submitting a captioned photo to Pictory gives you the opportunity to see your work at its best: refined by an editor, emphasized by careful design, and in the context of dozens of other top notch photo stories. It’s an opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s best emerging photographers in a group photo essay. Plus, documenting your memories and cultural experiences now is the best way to hang on to them permanently. I hold photographer’s rights in the highest regard, and work to provide the best environment for quality web content that I can. Read more about Pictory’s respect for your copyright here and here.

Are captions necessary?

Captions are mandatory. There are a lot of beautiful photos available on the Internet that don’t have important pieces of context like narrative and attribution. This context is what sets Pictory apart.

Who writes the captions for the photos?

You do! Just focus on telling the story and don’t worry about details like grammar and spelling. Anything selected for the Pictory blog will be proofed and edited. Also, if you need help from someone else in writing the caption, that’s okay, just make sure to credit them in your text.

Does the caption of my photo need to be true?

Yes! Pictory is a site for social documentary photography. It’s okay to emphasize some details over others, but these should be real stories.

Why can’t I upload a photo smaller than 1000 pixels wide?

Pictory has been designed as a showcase for large captioned images. Showing photos smaller than the minimum width would go against the purpose of the site.

What happens if I need to edit my photo after I’ve already submitted it?

Email support@pictorymag.com with any changes and a note at the top indicating your edit. Try to keep this to a minimum!

What if I don’t have a model release?

Editorial photos don’t generally require model releases, but if you have any doubts, I suggest you obtain a model release or ask a lawyer.

Who makes the selections?

Laura Brunow Miner is the editor, designer, and founder of Pictory. (She also founded Phoot Camp!)

Why wasn’t my photo story selected?

Keep trying! There are a lot of factors that go into making the photo story selections. Get a feel for the curation style of the site by following new showcases. Also, make sure you’re including a compelling caption: That’s a great way to stand out.

What happens to my photo story after I send it to you?

If it is selected, it will show up on the Pictory showcase blog with your name and website listed next to the caption. If not, your photo story will be removed from our database. We will never sell or reuse your photos for any other purpose.

Why can’t I see what other people have submitted?

Pictory is currently a very small operation. If this first phase is successful, it may make sense to expand into a community photo (story) sharing site where members could view all submissions and interact with them. My time at jpgmag.com definitely convinced me of the value of this kind of collaboration — but it also requires a commitment of resources.

Why can’t I comment on the showcases?

Incredible contributions can be made in the comments on a website, but it’s just as likely that conflict will ensue instead. Doing community interaction right requires responsible and thorough management. To keep this operation streamlined, comments will not be involved anytime soon. Think of the atmosphere on Pictory as being more like a library or museum. It’s quiet here so we can enjoy the work.

Do I get paid for my contribution if it is selected?

Not currently. Pictory contributors are highly valued and will always be credited on the photo. Some contributors will also be chosen for interviews and features. In addition, I will do anything I can to support the photographers of this community.

What’s next for Pictory?

That depends on you! I’ve got a lot of ideas and plans, but will be re-evaluating at each step to see how the community is leading this project. Feel free to reach out with ideas at any time to support@pictorymag.com.